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Jewell Marsh

Loan Officer

Let’s be honest: mortgages can, at times, be stressful and confusing. Add to that the simple truth that purchasing a home is likely the single largest financial investment a person will make in their lifetime and you’ll quickly understand why so many put their trust in me to helpveducate them throughout the process.

I push daily to change the perception of the mortgage industry by bringing an information forward approach to help encourage families and put them on the track to building financial stability. Helping them make the most well-informed financial decisions possible in regard to a home purchase is only a part of my service. Specializing in helping millennials and first-time home buyers, I like to keep it simple, light-hearted and enjoyable like purchasing a home was intended to be.

After spending 4 years on a quickly growing team that served over 1000 families in Texas, I decided to part ways and take my own approach to helping families with their home ownership goals. I aim to help home-buyers understand that a mortgage isn’t just a loan, but one of the most important financial-planning tools they will ever have. Through constant personal development and growth of mortgage knowledge, I use the many tools that I have at my disposal to provide insights and help guide clients on the best paths to reaching their short- and long-term financial goals. At the end of the day, what I enjoy most about my current role as a trusted mortgage advisor is positioning my clients on a wealth-building track to financial independence for their family. THAT is what purchasing a home it is all about!

Here at Movement, we exist to love and value people by leading a Movement of change in our industry, corporate cultures and communities. By 2025, we will serve one out of every ten home-buyers in the United States. We will accomplish this by being the mortgage bank of choice for the real estate agent in every market we serve. We believe our growth will come by serving with excellence.

Buying a home should be fun! I aim to make that a reality in every part of the process. Let me know if I can help you!

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